Monday, November 12, 2012

Max Muscle/CU Triathlon Team ride Fueled by First Endurance.

The best part of working with the best nutrition company in the industry is that I get to inform others why First Endurance is so great. This past Saturday Cam Dye and Myself led the CU Triathlon Team ride which was put on by Max Muscle with product supplied to the Team by FE.

The team began at Max Muscle where they filled bottles with First Endurance EFS in prep for the ride. After a small meet and greet we hit the road, in what was suppose to be a chilly (29 degrees) day but with some sun and afternoon snow storms. The beginning of the ride was uneventful (which is a good thing). I had the chance to meet many of the team members and answer any and all questions about FE products in addition to training advice, etc. The uneventful/relaxed ride had a sudden change with one hour left to go. The snow/rain storm that was suppose to reach boulder by the afternoon decided to come early. With rain/snow pouring down we decided to pick up the pace. Logic: Faster speed, less time riding in unwanted weather. With the last hour more like a Team TT than an easy ride we made it back to Max Muscle, cold, wet, hungry, and in much need of FE Ultragen. As cold and rainy as it was, I had a blast plowing through the rain and snow with my training partner Cam Dye, Coach Neal Henderson and the CU Triathlon Team. That ride won't be forgotten.

To get more info on First Endurance and Max Muscle Click the link below:

Thank You to Max Muscle and First Endurance for having Cam, Neal and Myself.

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